25th August

Concert will begin at 18:00 hours GMT

Second chance: Schubert's 'Fierrabras' with Schade, Röschmann and Zeppenfeld from Salzburg

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Schubert's 'Fierrabras' is a three-act German opera with spoken dialogue to a libretto by Josef Kupelwieser. Emma, the daughter of King Karl (Charlemagne, from the German name for Charlemagne, Karl der Große), is in love with Eginhard. Their love must be kept secret since Karl does not approve. Karl's knights, led by Roland, have defeated the Moors and captured Fierrabras, the son of the Moorish prince Boland. Karl does not imprison Fierrabras. When they are brought to Karl's castle, Fierrabras spies Emma, and recognizes her as someone he fell in love with in Rome. Performers:

Julia Kleiter: Emma.
Dorothea Röschmann: Florinda.
Marie-Claude Chappuis: Maragond.
Michael Schade: Fierrabras.
Georg Zeppenfeld: King Karl.
Markus Werba: Roland.
Benjamin Bernheim: Eginhard.
Peter Kálmán: Boland.
Manuel Walser: Brutamonte.

Members of the Angelika Prokopp Sommerakademie of the Vienna Philharmonic. Concert Association of the Vienna State Opera Chorus. Vienna Philharmonic. Conductor: Ingo Metzmacher.

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