About World Concert Hall

On January 13th 1910, the first public live radio broadcast in history took place at the Metropolitan Opera House (NY). Only a few audience could listen to 'Il Pagliacci', of Ruggero Leoncavallo starring Enrico Caruso.

That milestone was possible thanks to the ingenuity of the North American inventor Alexander Lee de Forest and his colleagues, who connected via phone line a microphone at the Met’s stage to a radio lab. Although many technical problems, the live concert could reach listeners in about 20 kilometer distance.

Since then, radio has always reflected what is happening day by day in the world of course including music. Each day dozens of radio stations worldwide make  possible to listen to live concerts, operas and recitals that take place in their own country or from those miles away.

And now these concerts can be followed everywhere thanks to the Internet. So, the net offers a great treasure for those classical music lovers that would spare all his day time just trying to look for what they want to listen to.

This is the main reason why World Concert Hall has born: just to facilitate, to select and offer for you every day the best live broadcasts from concert halls and opera houses all around the world.

Broadcasts will be possible due to the live streaming of each radio station or website. Each concert will be announced many days before detailed with the program, the performers, the concert hall where it takes place and the media. Times will be displayed GMT just to make easier visitor’s guidance.

WCH also wants to be a large database of Concert Halls, Opera Houses and classical radio stations from all over the world. Classical music lovers will find two lists.

The first one includes Concert Halls and Opera Houses, arranged by continents and countries, that offer almost exclusively symphonic music or opera performances. Most cases, each name is accompanied by two links: one to the institution home page and the other one to its season programming.

The second list, also arranged by continents and countries, compiles classical music radio stations. Those who cannot wait for a live concert broadcast can choose which station want to hear just now having dozens of options 24 hours a day.

That is WCH. This page can be much more and it depends on you. We will really appreciate your suggestions, comments, ideas, criticisms and, of course, your support.

WELCOME and enjoy the magic of live classical music.

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