What is World Concert Hall?

World Concert Hall is a web page which facilitates, selects and offers for you each day the best live radio broadcasts from concert halls and opera houses all around the world. WCH also wants to be a large database of Concert Halls, Opera Houses and classical radio stations.

How are concert broadcasts times displayed?

All broadcast times are displayed GMT (Greenwich Mean Time). If you want to know what GMT is you can check our GMT time clock at the top right corner of the website. You can also know what GMT time is your local time by visiting these websites: http://wwp.greenwichmeantime.com/  http://24timezones.com/ or www.thetimenow.com

How can I listen to/ watch a concert?

When it is the concert time, refresh the website and point on 'Live stream'. A pop up shows you the links available. If there are more than one, choose the best one for your software.

Can I download any past broadcast from the web?

No, you cannot. This web only offers live streamings from classical music radiostations. But you can get links to stream on demand services of several radio stations from Channels on this website.

About the schedule...

Schedule may be subject to last minute changes for reasons beyond our control. When there are a large number of concerts at the same time, some of them do not appear on our home. You can find links on Schedule and on Twitter and Facebook messages. Also, you can go to 'Live now' from our home page, where you will find only the concerts that are being broadcast at that time.

Must I pay for listening to the broadcasts?

Not at all. All contents are free.

How can I contact World Concert Hall?

If you want to make a comment or suggest anything, you can write to @svonzak on Twitter or to our e-mail: suggestions@worldconcerthall.com

How can I be a World Concert Hall sponsor/patron?

By pledging. We do not ask for any specific amount, it's up to you. Just answer the question: how much would you pay monthly to have people working to bring you hundreds of classical music broadcasts? If you want to be a WCH sponsor or support us write to: support@worldconcerthall.com

Become a WCH patron: click here for further information

If you want to comment some technical question about the web, write to: webmaster@worldconcerthall.com

About World Concert Hall and logo:

World Concert Hall and logo are trademarks (EUIPO No. 009618752). Services: providing cultural activities, namely broadcasting live concerts of classical music and operas; provision of information relating to entertainment, namely to classical music concert halls and classical music radio stations, online from a computer database of the Internet; providing digital live concerts of classical music and operas (not downloadable) from the Internet.

Where  is WCH?

We are from Barcelona, Catalonia.