<![CDATA[Schedule]]> en-US https://www.worldconcerthall.com/continguts/img/img-rss.png <![CDATA[]]> https://www.worldconcerthall.com/ <![CDATA[Järvi conducts Rachmaninov's First and Shostakovich's Sixth in Paris]]> <![CDATA[Two concerts from Berlin: Eldar, Giesen, Furrer, Seither, Boesmans and Wozny]]> <![CDATA[Brahms with Tetzlaff and Vaughan Williams' Fifth from Hannover]]> <![CDATA[Dvorák, MacMillan with van Rijen and Tchaikovsky's First from Glasgow]]> <![CDATA[Strauss twice with Röschmann once from Turin]]> <![CDATA[Widmann plays and conducts own works, Weber and Mendelssohn in Lugano]]> <![CDATA[Qigang and Rachmaninov twice with Haochen once from Hong Kong]]> <![CDATA[Spain-Dunk, Roussel, Saint-Saëns with Pike and Holmès from Watford]]> <![CDATA[Berezovsky plays and conducts Rachmaninov and Shostakovich in Moscow]]> <![CDATA[The Imaginarium Ensemble plays Jomelli, Caccini, Cavalli and more in Moscow]]> <![CDATA[Märkl conducts Beethoven, Saint-Saëns and Schumann's Third in Tallinn]]> <![CDATA[The RIX Piano Quartet plays Balodis, Walton and Brahms in Riga]]> <![CDATA[Nenov, Mozart with Petrova and Franck from Sofia]]> <![CDATA[The Danish National Vocal Ensemble performs Reger, Szymanowski, Kodály and more in Copenhagen]]> <![CDATA[Dvorák, Weinberg with Zdunik, Ravel and Dukas from Katowice]]> <![CDATA[Händel's 'Messiah' with Lewandowska, Fribourg, Hobbs and Macleod from Geneva]]> <![CDATA[Franck conducts Mahler's Sixth in Paris]]> <![CDATA[The Rotterdam Philharmonic Orchestra plays Schumann with Weilerstein and Schubert's 'The Great' in Bruges]]> <![CDATA[Two concerts from Berlin: a Biró and a Holz world premieres and more]]> <![CDATA[Beethoven thrice with del Pino once from Madrid]]> <![CDATA[Mozart with Bashkirova and Tchaikovsky's 'Patétique' from Worms]]> <![CDATA[Strauss twice and Elgar with Wang from Luxembourg]]> <![CDATA[Lindberg with Komsi and Sibelius' Second from Hamburg]]> <![CDATA[Bychkov conducts Smetana's 'Má Vlast' in Cologne]]> <![CDATA[Ives, Ligeti with Wiese and Vogelmann and Tchaikovsky's 'Pathétique' from Munich]]>