24th March

Strauss' 'Salome' with Lindstrom, Krasnov, Dark and Conrad from Sydney

Strauss' 'Salome' is an opera in one act to a German libretto by the composer, based on Hedwig Lachmann's German translation of the French play Salomé by Oscar Wilde. Narraboth gazes from a terrace in Herod's palace into the banquet hall at the beautiful Princess Salome; he is in love with her, and apotheosizes her, much to the disgusted fearfulness of the Page of Herodias. The voice of the Prophet Jochanaan is heard from his prison in the palace cistern; Herod fears him and has ordered that no one should contact him, including Jerusalem's High Priest. Performers: Performers: Lise Lindstrom: Salome. Alexander Krasnov: Jokanaan. Jacqueline Dark: Herodias. Andreas Conrad: Herod. Paul O'Neill: Narraboth. Opera Australia Orchestra. Conductor: Johannes Fritzsch. Recorded 18 March.

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