8th December

Vivaldi's 'Farnace' with Lowrey, Sherman, Dark, Fiebig and Riebl from Sydney

Vivaldi's 'Farnace' is an opera with a libretto by Antonio Maria Lucchini. Farnace, King of Pontus, has been defeated, and to avoid their falling into the hands of the enemy, he commands his wife, Tamiri, to kill their son and then herself. Tamiri's mother, Berenice, hates Farnace and is in cahoots with Pompey, the Roman victor, to kill him. Selinda, Farnace's sister, is taken captive by the Roman Aquilius, who falls in love with her, as does Berenice's Captain, Gilades. Selinda plays them off one another in an attempt to save her brother. Somehow, it ends happily and everyone is spared. Performers: Christopher Lowrey: Farnace. Helen Sherman: Tamiri. Jacqueline Dark: Berenice. Taryn Fiebig: Selinda. Max Riebl: Gilade. Brenton Spiteri: Aquilio. Timothy Reynolds: Pompeo. Orchestra of the Antipodes. Conductor: Erin Helyard. Recorded 5 December.

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