25th May

Concert will begin at 17:20 hours GMT

Heise's 'Drot og marsk' with Reuter, Lodahl, Henning-Jensen and Bundgaard from Copenhagen

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Heise's 'Drot og marsk' (King and Marshal) is an opera to a libretto by Christian Richardt, based on the true story of the murder of the Danish king Eric Glipping in 1286. The king is an inveterate womaniser and when he seduces Ingeborg, the wife of Marshal Stig, the marshal organises a conspiracy to kill him. Stig is banished and Ingeborg commits suicide. Performers:

Johan Reuter: Marsk Stig.
Peter Lodahl: Kong Erik.
Gert Henning-Jensen: Rane Johnsen.
Sine Bundgaard: Fru Ingeborg.
Sofie Elkjær Jensen: Aase.
Morten Staugaard: Grev Jakob af Halland.
Simon Duus: Jens Grand.
Teit Kanstrup: Herold.

Royal Danish Opera Choir and Orchestra. Conductor: Michael Schønwandt.

Recorded 22 May.

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Mandatory field
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