17th May

Concert will begin at 10:00 hours GMT

Zimmermann and Nakagoshi play Silvestrini, Vine, Dorman, Liang, Russell and more in Hobart

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Eva-Maria Zimmermann, piano, and Keisuke Nakagoshi, piano, play:

NAKAGOSHI: Introduction and Promenades.

SILVESTRINI: Le Bassin d’Argenteuil.

VINE: The Arrival of Implacable Gifts.

DORMAN: Dancing with the Torah at Mount Meron.


ALI-ZADEH: Spring Morning in Baku.

LIANG: Will You Come to My Dream?

RUSSELL: Untitled Skeleton.

YUDANE: Street Solace.

OH: Sacred Chichibu Peaks at Spring.

MARTI: Wendung (Turn).

AMINIKIA: Inspector’s Scrutiny.

G.PROKOFIEV: Untitled Etching 3.

S.ADAMS: Night Sea (for Agnes).

ORTIZ: Paisaje (Landscape).

OROZCO: Viajeros (Travellers).

Recorded 9 May.

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Mandatory field
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