11th October

Concert will begin at 12:00 hours GMT

Wilson and Poulson play Bach, Messiaen, Damase and Weir in Kirkwall

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St. Magnus International Festival. Christian Wilson, organ, and Tom Poulson, trumpet, play:

BACH: Fantasia super Komm Heiliger Geist BWV 651.

MESSIAEN: Messe de la Pentecote I Entrée.

DAMASE: 3 Preieres san Paroles.

BACH: Father God in Eternity BWV 669/ Christe aller Welt trost BWV 670.

WEIR: The Tree of Peace.

MESSIAEN: Messe de la Pentecote IV.

BACH: Kyrie, Gott heiliger Geist BWV 671.

MESSIAEN: Messe de la Pentecote V.


Mandatory field
Mandatory field
Mandatory field
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St. Magnus Cathedral, Kirkwall