11th January

Concert will begin at 18:15 hours GMT

Wainwright plays own songs with the Amsterdam Sinfonietta in Utrecht

Live streamLive stream

Rufus Wainwright and the Amsterdam Sinfonietta play Wainwright's songs.


Amy (11/1/2017)
Montclair NJ
Please allow me access to the Rufus livestream!
Beverley Cole (11/1/2017)
Melbourne Australia
Thank you so much for letting us know. I had checked the world time clock. I'm so glad you've verified I had the times right.
World Concert Hall (9/1/2017)
Liz, Beverley, this concert will be broadcast live 11January at 19:15 GMT, it is 2:15 PM US ET and 6:15 AM of 12 January Sydney time. To listen to it, at the beginning time point on live stream and the audio link will be available.
Beverley Cole (8/1/2017)
Melbourne Australia
Please allow me access to this wonderful performer. Our chances to see him live in Australia are few and far between.
Liz Brian (8/1/2017)
Naples, FL
Please show me live stream.
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