24th September

Concert will begin at 18:04 hours GMT

Wagner's 'Lohengrin' with Vogt, Zeppenfeld, Nylund, Lang, Welton and Gantner from Bayreuth

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Bayreuth Festival. Wagner's 'Lohengrin' is a Romantic opera in three acts written by the composer. The story of the eponymous character is taken from medieval German romance, notably the Parzival of Wolfram von Eschenbach and its sequel, Lohengrin, written by a different author, itself inspired by the epic of Garin le Loherain. King Henry the Fowler has arrived in Brabant where he has assembled the German tribes in order to expel the marauding Hungarians from his dominions. Performers:

König Heinrich: Georg Zeppenfeld.
Lohengrin: Klaus Florian Vogt.
Elsa: Camilla Nylund.
Telramund: Martin Gantner.
Ortrud: Petra Lang.
Heerrufer: Derek Welton.

Bayreuth Festival Choir and Orchestra. Conductor: Christian Thielemann.

Recorded 4 August.

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