8th December

Concert will begin at 18:30 hours GMT

Wagner's 'Hagen' with Youn, Brenna, Brimberg and Argiris from Vienna

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Wagner's 'Hagen' is a new version of Richard Wagner's 'Ring des Nibelungen' on a conception by Tatjana Gürbaca, Bettina Auer and Constantin Trinks. It starts with a murder. Hagen, half-brother to the Gibichungs and the chief of strategy at their court on the Rhine, kills Siegfried from behind while Brünnhilde looks on. – How did it come to this? Hagen remembers how his father Alberich came to him one night and whispered to him that it was his task to murder Siegfried and so recapture the ring – in other words, world domination – for his father. A bleak, traumatic scene in which Alberich openly admits that he fathered his son for this sole purpose and “raised him to implacable hate” in order to use him for his own vengeance.

Performers: Samuel Youn: Hagen. Daniel Brenna: Siegfried. Ingela Brimberg: Brünnhilde. Aris Argiris: Wotan. Martin Winkler: Alberich. Marcel Beekman: Mime.

Arnold Schoenberg Chor. ORF Radio-Symphonieorchester Wien. Conductor: Constantin Trinks.


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