16th February

Concert will begin at 17:04 hours GMT

Vivaldi's 'Juditha triumphans' with Arquez, Iervolino, Berzhanskaya and Ascioti from Amsterdam

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Vivaldi's 'Juditha triumphans devicta Holofernis barbarie is an oratorio to a Latin libretto by Iacopo Cassetti based upon the Book of Judith. The Assyrian king Nebuchadrezzar sends an army against Israel to demand overdue tributes. Under the leadership of the general Holofernes, the Assyrians lay siege to the town of Bethulia and are about to conquer it. The young Jewish widow Judith goes to him to implore mercy. He falls in love with her and she indulges him. After a rich banquet and having drunk much wine, Holofernes falls asleep. Judith beheads him, flees the enemy camp, and returns victorious to Bethulia.

Performers: Gaëlle Arquez: Juditha. Teresa Iervolino: Holofernes. Vasilisa Berzhanskaya: Vagaus. Francesca Ascioti: Ozias. Polly Leech: Abra. Gloria Giurgola: Puella Judaica.

Dutch National Opera Choir. La Cetra Baroque Orchestra. Conductor: Andrea Marcon.

Recorded 7 February.

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Judith Vivaldi
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