20th July

Concert will begin at 19:55 hours GMT

Verdi's 'Macbeth' with Frontali, Esposito, Hernandez and Sala from Macerata

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Concert from the Macerata Opera Festival. Verdi's 'Macbeth' is an opera in four acts, with an Italian libretto by Francesco Maria Piave and additions by Andrea Maffei, based on William Shakespeare's play of the same name. Groups of witches gather in a wood beside a battlefield, exchanging stories of the evils they have done. The victorious generals Macbeth and Banco enter. The witches hail Macbeth as Thane of Glamis (a title he already holds by inheritance), Thane of Cawdor, and king 'hereafter.' Banco is greeted as 'lesser than Macbeth, but greater', never a king himself, but the progenitor of a line of future kings. Performers:

Macbeth: Roberto Frontali.
Banco: Alex Esposito.
Lady Macbeth: Saioa Hernandez.
la sua dama: Fiammetta Tofoni.
Macduff: Giovanni Sala.
Malcolm: Rodrigo Ortiz.
il medico: Giacomo Medici.
un domestico di Macbeth / il sicario / l’araldo: Cesare Kwon.

Coro Lirico Marchigiano 'Vincenzo Bellini'. Orchestra Regionale delle Marche. Conductor: Francesco Ivan Ciampa.


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