16th March

Concert will begin at 16:00 hours GMT

Verdi's 'Falstaff' with Maestri, Schultz, Ford, Lemieux and Cano from New York

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Verdi's 'Falstaff' is an opera in three acts. The libretto was adapted by Arrigo Boito from Shakespeare's The Merry Wives of Windsor and scenes from Henry IV, parts 1 and 2. Falstaff and his servants, Bardolfo and Pistola, are drinking at the inn. Dr Caius bursts in and accuses Falstaff of burgling his house and Bardolfo of picking his pocket. He is ejected. Falstaff hands a letter to each of his servants for delivery to Alice Ford and Meg Page, two wealthy married women. In these two identical letters, Falstaff professes his love for each of the women, although it is access to their husbands' money that he chiefly covets. Performers:

Nannetta: Golda Schultz.
Ailyn Pérez: Alice Ford.
Mrs.Quickly: Marie-Nicole Lemieux.
Meg Page: Jennifer Johnson Cano.
Fenton: Francesco Demuro.
Sir John Falstaff: Ambrogio Maestri.
Ford: Juan Jesús Rodriguez.
Dr.Caius: Tony Stevenson.
Bardolfo: Keith Jameson.
Pistola: Richard Bernstein.

Metropolitan Opera Choir and Orchestra. Conductor: Richard Farnes.


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Mandatory field

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