15th December

Concert will begin at 17:00 hours GMT

Verdi's 'Aida' with Monastyrska, Borodina and Alagna from New York

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Verdi's 'Aida' is an opera in four acts to an Italian libretto by Antonio Ghislanzoni, based on a scenario often attributed to French Egyptologist Auguste Mariette, although Verdi biographer Mary Jane Phillips-Matz has argued that the scenario was actually written by Temistocle Solera. Aida, an Ethiopian princess, is captured and brought into slavery in Egypt. A military commander, Radamès, struggles to choose between his love for her and his loyalty to the Pharaoh. To complicate the story further, Radamès is loved by the Pharaoh's daughter Amneris, although he does not return her feelings.

Performers: Liudmyla Monastyrska, soprano. Miklós Sebestyén, bass. Olga Borodina,
mezzo-soprano. Roberto Alagna, tenor. George Gagnidze, baritone. Jennifer Check,
soprano. Stefan Kocán, bass. Hugo Vera, tenor.

Metropolitan Opera Orchestra and Choir. Conductor: Fabio Luisi.

Mandatory field
Mandatory field
Mandatory field

Metropolitan Opera House