15th August

Concert will begin at 18:35 hours GMT

Two concerts from Budapest: Strattner, Buxtehude, Fischer and Beethoven

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Two concerts from Budapest.


Members of the Purcell Choir conducted by György Vashegyi perform:

Georg Christoph STRATTNER: Aus der Tiefe rufe ich Herr, zu dir.

BUXTEHUDE: Das neugeborne Kindelein BuxWV. 13/ Befiehl dem Engel daß er komm BuxWV. 10.

Johann FISCHER: Herzlich tut mir verlangen.

STRATTNER: Sehet doch, ihr Menschenkinder.

BUXTEHUDE: Herzlich lieb hab ich Dich, o Herr BuxWV. 41.

Recorded 2 June.


Balázs Fülei, piano, plays:


Piano Sonata in E major Op. 109.

Piano Sonata in A major Piano Sonata Op. 110.

Piano Sonata in in C major Piano Op. 111.

Recorded 6 May.

Mandatory field
Mandatory field
Mandatory field
Bartk Rdi Bartk Rdi

St. Imre Church/ Hungarian Heritage House, Budapest