25th September

Concert will begin at 18:30 hours GMT

Tippett's 'The Midsummer Marriage' with Murray, Nicholls, Riches and France from London

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Michael Tippett's 'The Midsummer Marriage' is an opera in three acts to a libretto by the composer. The opera is set in a forest clearing, with a group of buildings to one side. The buildings resemble a sanctuary, with a Greek temple in the middle. A set of spiral stairs leads off to the right and breaks off in midair. To the left, they lead down into the hillside. The costumes are contemporary, aside from the dancers and the Ancients. Peformers:

Mark: Robert Murray.
Jenifer: Rachel Nicholls.
King Fisher: Ashley Riches.
Bella: Jennifer France.
Jack: Toby Spence.
Sosostris: Claire Barnett-Jones.
She-Ancient: Susan Bickley.
He-Ancient: Joshua Bloom.

London Philharmonic Choir. English National Opera Chorus. London Philharmonic Orchestra. Conductor: Edward Gardner.


The Opera Addict (20/9/2021)
The description is only the scenery; there should be something about what the opera is about! It's a very complex, interesting work, rarely done. Joan Sutherland sang in the premiere.
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