29th July

Concert will begin at 18:00 hours GMT

The Lautten Compagney Berlin performs Playford, Ravenscroft, Dowland, Matteis and Purcell in Swidnica

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Concert from the Swidnica Bach Festival. The Lautten Compagney Berlin conducted by Wolfgang Katschner, also lute, performs:

PLAYFORD: Chirping of the Nightingale.

RAVENSCROFT: The Nightingale, the merry Nightingale; Well fare the Nightingale.

PLAYFORD: All in a garden green; Daphne; Boatmen; Virgin Queen; Bobbing Joe.

RAVENSCROFT: The Elves Dance; The Fayries Dance; There where 3 Ravens on a tree; The Satyres Dance; The Urchins Dance.

DOWLAND: Pavan 'Unquiet Thoughts'; Galliard 'Can she excuse my wrongs'.

MATTEIS: Ground after the Scotch humour.

PLAYFORD: Hang sorrow; Whitehall Minuet; Friday night; Would you have a young virgin; Parson’s farewell; Pauls Steeple or the Duke of Norfolk – a Division on a Ground.

PURCELL: A new Ground in e.

Anon. Ground.

PLAYFORD: St. Martin's; Grim King of the ghosts.

PURCELL: Ground.

PLAYFORD: Strawberries and cream; Greensleeves; Over the Hills and far away; Blackheath; Schiarazula Marazula; An Italian Rant; Lumps of pudding.


Mandatory field
Mandatory field
Mandatory field
Dwjka Dwjka

Parish of St. Joseph, Swidnica