26th November

Concert will begin at 11:00 hours GMT

The Hong Kong Children's Choir and Die Konzertisten play Asian composers in Hong Kong

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Concert from Musicarama. The Hong Kong Children’s Choir conducted by Kathy Fok and Dominic Lam play:

KAI-YOUNG: Psalm 23.

YIP: That It Will Never Come Again.

LEE: What If the World Lost Its Voice.

CHAN: Autumn Night.

FUNG: Yellow Crane Tower.

TSANG: My Lunch.

HO: Let Music Flow.

?Die Konzertisten conducted by Felix Yeung play:

FUK-WING: Trekking Forward.

CHAN: On and On: An Ancient Song.

KONG-YU: Three Lyrics of Lu Fang Wen.

YUEN: Lullaby.

CHIU: Revelation XXI.

IAN NG: TrancePort.


Mandatory field
Mandatory field
Mandatory field
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Hong Kong City Hall Theatre