15th August

Concert will begin at 11:04 hours GMT

The Ensemble Cladon sings Nyman, Patrick, Bennet, Tye, Byrd and Picforth in Schwbisch Gmnd

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The Ensemble Céladon sings:

NYMAN: Songs for Ariel (Shakespeare).

PATRICK: Prepare to die from Songs of Sundrye Natures,

BENNET: Eliza, her name gives honour.

TYE: Sit fast.

BYRD: Ye sacred muses, race of Jove.

NYMAN: No time in eternity.

PICFORTH: In nomine.

PATRICK: Send forth thy sighs.

FARRANT: O Jove, from stately throne.

TYE: In nomine.

NYMAN: Self-Laudatory hymn of Inanna and her omnipotence.


Mandatory field
Mandatory field
Mandatory field

Johanniskirche, Schwbisch Gmnd