22nd June

Concert will begin at 17:05 hours GMT

The Art-i-shock Trio plays Nimanis, Buravickis, Ratniece, Maskats and more in Riga

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The Art-i-shock Trio plays:

Jekabs NIMANIS: Waltz from the music for the play 'The Story of Kaspars Hauser'.

Plato BURAVICKIS: Voltage.

Santa RATNIECE: Nightingale.

Arturs MASKATS: Paris at Night (tribute to Jacques Prevers).

Kristaps PETERSONS: Z.I.E.M.A. (Zigzagging Images and the Elements of the Melancholic Actuality).

Peteris PLAKIDIS / Emils ZILBERTS: Apple in the River.

Zigmars LIEPINS / Janis KIRSIS: Rain of Cherries.

Recorded in 2017.

Mandatory field
Mandatory field
Mandatory field
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