23rd September

Concert will begin at 16:55 hours GMT

Tchaikovsky's 'The Queen of Spades' with Golovnin, Prince, Imbrailo and Von Otter from Brussels

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Tchaikovsky's 'The Queen of Spades' is an opera to a Russian libretto by the composer's brother Modest Tchaikovsky, based on a short story of the same name by Alexander Pushkin, but the plot was dramatically altered. During the reign of Catherine the Great (1762–96), children are at play in St. Petersburg's Summer Garden pretending to be soldiers. Two officers — Tsurin and Chekalinsky — enter, the former complaining about his bad luck at gambling. Performers:

Hermann: Dmitry Golovnin. Count Tomsky: Naouri Prince. Yeletsky: Jacques Imbrailo. Countess: Anne Sofie Von Otter. Lisa: Anna Nechaeva. Polina- Milovzor: Charlotte Hellekant. Chekalinsky: Alexander Kravets. Surin: Mischa Schelomianski. Chaplitsky / Master Of Ceremony: Maxime Melnik. Narumov: Justin Hopkins. Governess: Mireille Capelle. Masha - Prilepa: Emma Posman.

La Monnaie Choral Academy and Children's and Youth Choirs, Choir and Symphony Orchestra. Conductor: Nathalie Stutzmann.


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