25th May

Concert will begin at 15:30 hours GMT

Strauss' 'Die Frau ohne Schatten' with Nylund, Gould, Herlitzius, Holecek and Stemme from Vienna

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Strauss' 'Die Frau ohne Schatten' is an opera in three acts with a libretto by his long-time collaborator, the poet Hugo von Hofmannsthal. The opera's story is set in the mythical empire of the Southeastern Islands and involves five principal characters: the Emperor, the Empress, her Nurse, Barak, a lowly dye, and the Dyer's Wife. A sixth character, Keikobad, King of the Spirit Realm and father to the Empress, sets the plot in motion, but never appears on stage. Performers:

Performers: Stephen Gould: Der Kaiser. Camilla Nylund: Die Kaiserin. Evelyn Herlitzius: Die Amme. Sebastian Holecek: Geisterbote. Wolfgang Koch: Barak. Nina Stemme: Färbersfrau.

Wiener Staatsoper Choir and Orchestra. Conductor: Christian Thielemann.


Greta de Groat (25/5/2019)
Castro Valley CA USA
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