3rd December

Concert will begin at 18:04 hours GMT

Staier, Müllejans, Lieb and the Freiburger BarockConsort play Bach in Köthen

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Andreas Staier, harpsichord, Petra Müllejans, violin, Daniela Lieb, recorder, and the
Freiburger BarockConsort perform:


Concerto for harpsichord, strings and basso continuo in D minor BWV 1052.

Concerto for violin, strings and basso continuo in A minor BWV 1041.

Sonata for violin and obligatory harpsichord in E major BWV 1016.

Concerto in D major for transverse flute, violin, harpsichord, strings and bc BWV 1050
(Brandenburg Concerto No. 5).

Recorded 20 September.

Mandatory field
Mandatory field
Mandatory field
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St. Agnus, Köthen