27th July

Concert will begin at 12:04 hours GMT

Singer Pur perform de Latre, Willaert, Bryars, Metcalf, Yi, Stoytcheva and more in Graz

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styriarte. Singer Pur perform:

Petit Jean DE LATRE: Qualis est dilecta mea.

Adrian WILLAERT: Cantai hor piango.

Gavin BRYARS: Cantai, or piango.

MONTEVERDI: Si ch´io vorrei morire.

Joanne METCALF: Gold and Thorns, Fire and Ice.

Chen YI: Written on a rainy night.

Stanislava STOYTCHEVA: A Birthday.

GLASS: Liquid Days.

Irvin BERLIN: Cheek to cheek (arr. H. Huber).

GERSHWIN: Summertime (arr. M. Schmidl).

Carroll COATES: London by night.

SRING: Fields of Gold (arr. H. Beckmann).

Recorded 13 July.

Mandatory field
Mandatory field
Mandatory field
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Helmut List Hall, Graz