6th August

Concert will begin at 17:04 hours GMT

Schweitzer's 'Aurora' with Stenberg, Porstein, Blumenschein and Moore from Weimar

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Anton Schweitzer's 'Aurora' is a Singspiel with a libretto by Christoph Martin Wieland. In a forest illuminated by moonlight, the goddess Diana searches for her lover and meets Aurora, the goddess of dawn, who brings the day of the great birthday feast for the Duchess Anna Amalia. Together, they awaken Cupid so that he can kindle goodwill for the princess in the people - which, of course, is not at all necessary, as he assures them. Performers:

Diana: Heike Porstein.
Schäfer: Daniel Blumenschein.
Aurora: Ylva Sofia Stenberg.
Amor: Emma Moore.

Staatskapelle Weimar. Conductor: Dominik Beykirch.

Recorded 4 June.

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Nationaltheater, Weimar