9th November

Concert will begin at 18:00 hours GMT

Schenker, Dittrich, Katzer, Goldmann and more from Dresden

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Theme Day - 30 years after the fall of the Berlin Wall. Works and performers:

Friedrich SCHENKER: Sinfonie in memoriam Martin Luther King. Dresdner Philharmonie. Conductor Jonathan Stockhammer.

Paul-Heinz DITTRICH: Kammermusik II/ Georg KATZER: La fabbrica abbandonata III/
Friedrich GOLDMANN: Sonata a quattro. Peter Schweiger, narrator, Catriona Bähler, soprano,
Collegium Novum Zürich. Conductor: Jonathan Stockhammer.

Commissioned works by invitation of the Dresdner Philharmonie. AuditivVokal Dresden. Conductor: Olaf Katzer.


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Mandatory field
Mandatory field
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