19th October

Concert will begin at 13:00 hours GMT

Rudge, McAteer, Watts and Lepper perform Harty, Agnew, Boyle and Rachmaninov in Belfast

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Northern Ireland Opera's Festival of Voice. Kathryn Rudge, mezzo-soprano, Ben McAteer, baritone, Elizabeth Watts, soprano, and Simon Lepper, piano, perform:

Hamilton HARTY: Scythe song; The Song of Glen Dun; Sea Wrack; By the Sea; The Lowlands of Holland; Fiddler of Dooney; Come, O come my life’s delight.

Elaine AGNEW: lesti.

Ina BOYLE: 3 Walter de la Mare songs.

RACHMANINOV: Rachmaninov: Siren Op.21 No.5; Odinochestvo Op.21 No.6; Son Op.38 No.5; Zdes khorosho Op.21 No.7; Ya zhdu tebya Op.14 No.1; Oni otvetchali Op.21 No.4; Kakoye schastye Op.34 No.12.


Mandatory field
Mandatory field
Mandatory field
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First Presbyterian Church, Belfast