25th October

Concert will begin at 19:04 hours GMT

Rotem's 'Joseph and his Brethren' with Schleifer, Feldman, Lthy, Dunkelblum and himself from Cologne

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Early Music Festival. Elam Rotem's 'Joseph and his Brethren' is a biblical music theatre, based on the famous story of Joseph and his brothers from the Old Testament. It is composed in the 17th century style.

Performers: Doron Schleifer, David Feldman, countertenors, Dino Lüthy, Dan Dunkelblum, tenors.

Bass, harpsichord and conductor: Elam Rotem. Profeti della Quinta.

Recorded 15 October. 

Mandatory field
Mandatory field
Mandatory field

Lutherkirche, Cologne