9th November

Concert will begin at 17:00 hours GMT

Rossini's 'Ermione' with Meade, Iervolino, Irvin, Siragusa and Adami from Naples

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Rossini's 'Ermione' is an opera in two acts to an Italian libretto by Andrea Leone Tottola, based on the play Andromaque by Jean Racine. For reasons that are as yet unclear, the opera was withdrawn on 19 April after only seven performances, and was not seen again until over a hundred years after Rossini's death. In old age, when asked if he would have liked Ermione to be translated and produced on French stages, Rossini is reported to have replied: 'It's my little Italian Guillaume Tell; and it will not see the light of day until after my death'. Performers:

Ermione: Angela Meade.
Andromaca: Teresa Iervolino.
Pirro: John Irvin.
Oreste: Antonino Siragusa.
Pilade: Filippo Adami.
Fenicio: Guido Loconsolo.
Cleone: Gaia Petrone.
Cefisa: Chiara Tirotta.
Attalo: Cristiano Olivieri.

Teatro San Carlo Choir and Orchestra. Conductor: Alessandro De Marchi.


ERMIONE Rossini - Teatro di San Carlo

In the aftermath of the Trojan war, a series of unrequited loves threatens to destabilise the fragile peace. But for a spurned Spartan princess, there are only two options left: forgiveness and murder. The most ambitious and innovative of all Rossini's operas, Ermione was a calamitous failure on its opening night at the Teatro di San Carlo 200 years ago.

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