12th January

Concert will begin at 06:00 hours GMT

Ross, Andrew and Stroma perform Schnberg, Ravel, Bartk, Ligeti and more in Auckland

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Alex Ross, Bianca Andrew, mezzo-soprano, and Stroma conducted by Hamish McKeich perform:

SCHÖNBERG: Mondestrunken Nacht, from Pierrot Lunaire.

RAVEL: Il est doux de se coucher, from Chansons Madécasses.

BARTÓK: Sebes, from Contrasts.

MESSIAEN: Danse de la fureur, from Quartet for the End of Time.

LIGETI: Ballad and Dance.

STRAVINSKY: Full Fathom Five, from Three Songs from William Shakespeare.

MCLEOD: Sections F1 & G1, from For Seven.

BERIO: O King BOULEZ: Improvisé - pour le Dr. Kalmus.

XENAKIS: Charisma.

WHITEHEAD: Manutaki.


LANG: Short Fall.

SCHÖNBERG: Gemeinheit! O alter Duft, from Pierrot Lunaire.

Recorded April 2018.

Mandatory field
Mandatory field
Mandatory field
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Auckland Town Hall