16th September

Concert will begin at 19:05 hours GMT

Rimsky-Korsakov's 'Sadko' with Zurabishvili, Horne, Kotscherga and Yarovaya from Ghent

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Rimsky-Korsakov's 'Sadko' is an opera in seven scenes. The libretto was written by the composer, with assistance from Vladimir Belsky, Vladimir Stasov, and others. The opera tells the story of Sadko, a gusli player (guslar), who leaves his wife, Lubava, and home in Novgorod and eventually returns a wealthy man. During his years of travel he amasses a fortune, weds the daughter of the King and Queen of the Ocean and has other adventures. Upon his return, the city and Lubava rejoice.

Performers: Zurab Zurabishvili: Sadko. Betsy Horne: Volkhova. Anatoli Kotscherga: the Sea King. Victoria Yarovaya: Lyubava Buslayevna. Raehann Bryce-Davis: Nezhata. Michael J. Scott: Sopel. Tijl Faveyts: Varangian guest. Adam Smith: Indian guest. Pavel Yankovsky: Venetian guest, Apparition. Evgeny Solodovnikov: Doeda. Stephan Adriaens: Foma Nazarich. Patrick Cromheeke: Luka Zinovich.

Flanders Opera Choir and Symphony Orchestra. Conductor: Dmitri Jurowski.


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