29th August

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Rebroadcast: Verdi's 'Un giorno di regno' with Abuladze, Fersini, Mayer and Jansson from Heidenheim

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Heidenheim Opera Festival. Verdi's 'Un giorno di regno' is an operatic melodramma giocoso in two acts to an Italian libretto written in 1818 by Felice Romani, based on the play Le faux Stanislas written by the Frenchman Alexandre Vincent Pineu-Duval in 1808. The Polish monarch, King Stanislaw Leszczynski, an historical figure during the War of Succession, lost his throne after the Saxon invasion at the Battle of Poltava in 1709. He regained it in 1733, but was again deposed in 1736 and went into exile in France. The opera is set in 1733 when Stanislaw returned to Poland leaving a French officer, the Cavaliere di Belfiore, to impersonate him in France. Performers:

Gocha Abuladze: Cavaliere Belfiore.
Davide Fersini: Baron Kelbar.
Michaela Maria Mayer: Giulietta di Kelbar.
Elisabeth Jansson: Marchesa del Poggio.
Giuseppe Talamo: Edorado di Sanval.
David Steffens: La Rocca.
León de la Guardia: Count Ivrea.
Daniel Dropulja: Delmonte.

Brno Czech Philharmonic Choir. Capella Aquileia. Conductor: Marcus Bosch.

Recorded 27 July 2017.

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