14th July

Concert will begin at 20:05 hours GMT

Rebroadcast: Mozart, a Klartag's world premiere, Beethoven and Maratka from Basel

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Mizmorim Festival. The Doric String Quartet (Mozart and Beethoven), the Trossingen High School of Music Brass Sextet from the Musikhochschule Trossingen (Klartag), Oliver Carillier, viola (Beethoven), Hélène Clément, viola (Maratka), Chen Halevi, clarinet (Maratka), Krystof Maratka, piano (Maratka), and Charlotte Leport, reciter perform:

MOZART: String Quintet in C major KV 515.

Yair KLARTAG: Voglio e non vorrei. For brass sextet, world premiere.

BEETHOVEN: String Quintet in C major, op.29.

Krystof MARATKA: Báchorky, fables pastorals. Trio for viola, clarinet, piano and traditional Czech and Moravian instruments.

Recorded 24 January.

Mandatory field
Mandatory field
Mandatory field
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Schmiedenhof, Basel