25th July

Concert will begin at 17:05 hours GMT

Rebroadcast: Esenvalds' 'The Immured' world premiere with Slubovska, Bramanis, Grecka et al from Riga

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Esenvalds' 'The Immured' is an opera on an idea and original libretto written by Inese Zandere as a poem; Zandere wrote it in honour of and as an ode to poet Knuts Skujenieks, who has also rendered numerous European folktales into Latvian. The plot is about the construction of a library, and the sacrifices without which nothing great can ever be created. It’s a modern-day legend, whose sources are found in the folklore of various European cultures, as well as in modern Latvian society. The heroes of this tale are artists and masons, librarians and politicians, their love and betrayal, faith and responsibilities.

Librarian (Craftsman’s Lover): Inga Slubovska.
Architect (Craftsman): Raimonds Bramanis.
Poet (Craftsman’s Sister): Laura Grecka.
Builder (Assistant): Janis Apeinis.
Minister (Advisor): Kristine Gailite.
President (The Ruler): Rihards Macanovskis.

Latvian National Opera Choir and Orchestra. Conductor: Maris Sirmais.

Recorded 19 May 2016.

Mandatory field
Mandatory field
Mandatory field
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