10th October

Concert will begin at 18:30 hours GMT

Rameau's 'Les Indes galantes' with Devieilhe, Sempey, Devos and Crossley-Mercer from Paris

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Rameau's 'Les Indes galantes' is an opera-ballet with libretto by Louis Fuzelier. Hebe, goddess of youth, summons her followers to take part in a festival. Young French, Spanish, Italians and Poles rush to celebrate with a series of dances, including a musette. The ballet is interrupted by the noise of drums and trumpets. It is Bellona, goddess of war, who arrives on the stage accompanied by warriors bearing flags. Bellona calls on the youths to seek out military glory. Performers:

Hébé/ Phani/ Zima: Sabine Devieilhe.
Bellone/ Adario: Florian Sempey.
L'amour/ Zaïre: Jodie Devos.
Osman : Edwin Crossley-Mercer.
Émilie/ Fatime: Julie Fuchs.
Valère/ Tacmas: Mathias Vidal.
Huascar/ Don Alvar: Alexandre Duhamel.
Don Carlos/Damon: Stanislas de Barbeyrac.
Ali: Edwin Crossley-Mercer.

Compagnie Rualité Dancers. Maîtrise des Hauts-de-Seine. Namur Chamber Choir. Opéra national de Paris Children's Choir. Cappella Mediterranea. Conductor: Leonardo García Alarcón.

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