26th May

Concert will begin at 08:57 hours GMT

Puccini's 'Turandot' with Wilson, O'Neill, Solís and Amoretti from Barcelona

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Puccini's 'Turandot' is an opera in three acts, completed by Franco Alfano, set to a libretto in Italian by Giuseppe Adami and Renato Simoni. The opera's story is set in China and involves Prince Calàf, who falls in love with the cold Princess Turandot. To obtain permission to marry her, a suitor has to solve three riddles; any wrong answer results in death. Calàf passes the test, but Turandot still refuses to marry him. He offers her a way out: if she is able to learn his name before dawn the next day, then at daybreak he will die. Performers:

Performers: Jennifer Wilson: Turandot. Simon O’Neill: Calaf. Carmen Solís: Liu. Rubén Amoretti: Timur. Joan Cabero: Emperor Altoum. Carlos Daza: Ping. Jordi Casanova: Pang). Beñat Egiarte: Pong. Marc Pujol: Mandarin.

Madrigal Choir. Polifònica de Puig-Reig. VEUS Amics de la Unió Children's Choir. Barcelona Symphony & Catalonia National Orchestra. Conductor: Kazushi Ono.


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