26th November

Concert will begin at 10:30 hours GMT

Prokofiev's 'Semyon Kotko' with Dolgov, Durseneva, Ognev and Mikhailov from Amsterdam

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Prokofiev's 'Semyon Kotko' is an opera in five acts to a libretto by the composer and Valentin Katayev based on Katayev's 1937 novel I, Son of Working People. The newly established Bolshevik government has reached peace with the Germans, but some of their forces still occupy the territory. The advancing Red Army is hampered by Ukrainian nationalists and the remaining Germans. Semyon, a demobilized soldier and prominent young man in his village, is hoping to marry Sofya, daughter of the wealthy Tkachenko. Performers:

Oleg Dolgov. Semyon Kotko.
Alexandra Durseneva: Semyon's mother.
Alexandra Kadurina: Frosya.
Vladimir Ognev: Remeniuk.
Maxim Mikhailov: Tkachenko.
Irina Dolzhenko: Khivrya.
Lyubov Petrova: Sofya.
Andrey Breus: Tsaryov.
Evelina Dobracheva: Lyubka.

Flemish Radio Choir. Netherlands Radio Choir and Philharmonic Orchestra. Conductor: Vladimir Jurowski.


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