29th January

Concert will begin at 17:00 hours GMT

Porpora's 'Germanico in Germania' with Cencic, Lezhneva, Bennani, Idrisova, Nesi & Hanczr from Krakow

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Porpora's 'Germanico in Germania' is an opera in three acts to an Italian-language libretto by Nicola Coluzzi. The opera's story is a fictionalised account of the Roman general Germanicus and is set in Germania Inferior during 14 AD. 

Performes: Max Emanuel Cencic, countertenor, Julia Lezhneva, soprano, Hasnaa Bennani, soprano, Dilyara Idrisova, soprano, Mary-Ellen Nesi, mezzo-soprano, György Hanczár, tenor.

Capella Cracoviensis. Conductor: Jan Tomasz Adamus.


Maria Gorete Pereira Blhete (29/1/2017)
Povoa de Varzim
Ouvir o concerto
World Concert Hall (29/1/2017)
Monika it is not easy to know the exact lenght of a performance broadcast. When it is a live boradcast, it depends on the works lenght and performer's version, the pause duration and possible encores. On the other hand, a recorded broadcast is usually given on a program which lasts more than the performance itself and can include other contents before and after it. Anyway, we will try to find a way to include an "end" time.
Monika Sieburg (28/1/2017)
Dortmund/ Germany
For those wanting to record programmes from other countries (who will consequently find it difficult to decipher programme guides in foreign languages) it might be helpful to indicate not just the starting time, but also the duration of each concert. Thank you.
Maria Gorete Pereira Blhete (23/1/2017)
Pvoa de Varzim (Portugal)
Tanks for the oportunity!
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