24th June

Concert will begin at 12:00 hours GMT

Pioro and Smith play Miller, Bach, Muhly, Catlin Smith and Vaughan Williams in Glasgow

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Daniel Pioro, violin, and Simon Smith, piano, play:

Cassandra MILLER: For Mira (solo violin).

BACH: Sonata no.3 in E, BWV 1016 - first movement.

Nico MUHLY: Drones and Violin – first movement.

BACH: Sonata no.3 in E, BWV 1016 - third movement.

MUHLY: Drones and Violin - second movement.

Linda CATLIN SMITH: With Their Shadows Long.

VAUGHAN WILLIAMS: The Lark Ascending.

Recorded in March.

Mandatory field
Mandatory field
Mandatory field
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Royal Conservatoire of Scotland, Glasgow