17th May

Concert will begin at 19:00 hours GMT

Prt, MacMillan, Rachmaninov, Rautavaara, Saariaho, de Ley, Miskinis and Esenvalds from Brussels

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Mathias Coppens, piano, Nikolaas Kende, piano, and the Flemish Radio Choir conducted by Klaas Stok perform:

PÄRT: Pari intervallo for two piano’s.

MACMILLAN: A Child’s Prayer.

RACHMANINOV: Suite No. 1, Op. 5 for two piano's.

RAUTAVAARA: Die erste Elegie.

SAARIAHO: Nuits, Adieux.

DE LEY: Invictus.

MISKINIS: Time Is Endless.

ESENVALDS: Amazing Grace (arr.).


Mandatory field
Mandatory field
Mandatory field
Klara Klara

Flagey Arts centre