28th January

Concert will begin at 17:30 hours GMT

Offenbach's 'La Prichole' with Richter, Fischer, Strmer, Eder and Ernst from Vienna

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Offenbach's 'La Périchole' is an opéra bouffe in three acts. Henri Meilhac and Ludovic Halévy wrote the French-language libretto based on the 1829 one act play Le carrosse du Saint-Sacrement by Prosper Mérimée. In the main square of Lima, outside The Three Cousins tavern, the crowd is celebrating the birthday of Don Andrès de Ribeira, the Viceroy of Peru. Don Pedro de Hinoyosa (Mayor of Lima), Count Miguel de Panatellas (First Gentleman of the Bedchamber), and Don Andrès enter in disguise. Everyone recognizes them but pretends not to. La Périchole and Piquillo, poor young street singers, arrive in the square, trying to raise money for their marriage license.

Performers: Anna Lucia Richter: Périchole. David Fischer: Piquillo. Alexander Strömer: Don Andrés de Ribeira. Boris Eder: Count Panatellas. Gerhard Ernst: Don Pedro.

Arnold Schoenberg Chor. ORF Radio Symphony Orchestra. Conductor: Jordan de Souza.

Recorded 16 January.

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Wiener Museumsquartiers, Vienna