15th May

Concert will begin at 22:00 hours GMT

New York Polyphony performs Tallys, Byrd, Smith, Byttering, McGlynn and more in Beacon

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New York Polyphony performs:

TALLIS: In pace.

BYRD: Gradualia, 1605/ O sacrum convivium/ Ecce quam bonum/ Gradualia, 1607/ O quam suavis.

Andrew SMITH: Lamentations.

Thomas BYTTERING: Nesciens mater.

Jean MOUTON: Ave Maria, benedicta tu.

John TAVENER: The Lamb.

Michael McGLYNN: O pia virgo.

Paul MORAVEC: The Last Invocation.

Irving BERLIN: Don’t Wait Too Long.

Ted FIO RITO: I Never Knew.

William Henry MONK arr. Paul Heller: Abide with Me.

John Liptrot HATTON: When Evening’s Twilight.

Recorded 3 April.

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Mandatory field
Mandatory field
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Howland Cultural Center, Beacon