14th June

Concert will begin at 18:00 hours GMT

Music students play Mahler, Brahms, Puccini and Eisler in Saarbrücken

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Concert featuring music students. Works and performers: 

MAHLER: Quartet movement in A minor for piano, violin, viola and cello. David Voncken, piano, Aida Petrossian, violin, Mattia Mennonna, viola, Sára Sallai, cello.

BRAHMS: Allegro non troppo from Sonata for cello and piano in E minor op.38. Xuanhan Xu, cello, Hwanhee Yoo, piano.

PUCCINI: Canti for soprano and piano: 'Terra e mare'; 'Sogno d'or'; 'Morire?'. Katharina Diana Brandel, soprano, Orsolya Nagy, piano.

STRAVINSKY: Trois mouvements de Pétrouchka. Jonas Stark, piano.

EISLER: Elegies from 'Hollywood Songbook'. Text: Bertolt Brecht. Lisa Ströckens, soprano,
Bokyon Chang, piano.


Mandatory field
Mandatory field
Mandatory field
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Saarland High School of Music, Saarbrücken