20th January

Concert will begin at 18:00 hours GMT

Mozart's 'Zaide' with Persson, Ovenden, Scheider, Borchev and Pll from Munich

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Mozart's 'Zaide' is an unfinished German-language opera. Zaide falls in love with Gomatz, a slave, which strikes up jealousy and rage in the Sultan, who happens to also admire her. After capture she chooses a free life with Gomatz rather than a good life with the Sultan. Allazim encourages the sultan to consider Gomatz as a man, not as a slave. The final surviving quartet suggests Zaide and Gomatz are sentenced to punishment or execution. This is where Mozart's manuscript breaks off. Performers:

Zaide: Miah Persson.
Gomatz: Jeremy Ovenden.
Sultan Soliman: Jörg Schneider.
Allazim: Nikolay Borchev.
Osmin: Levente Páll.

Munich Radio Orchestra. Conductor: Rinaldo Alessandrini.


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