12th January

Concert will begin at 18:00 hours GMT

Mozart's 'La Betulia liberata' with Invernizzi, Frigato, Castellano et al from Wroclaw

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Concert from the 48th Wratislavia Cantans Festival. Mozart's 'La Betulia liberata' is a 'azione sacra' on a text by Metastasio tracing the story of Judith and Holofernes from the biblical Book of Judith. It was commissioned in March 1771 by Giuseppe Ximenes, Prince of Aragon, while Mozart and his father Leopold were on the way home to Salzburg from their first journey to Italy. It is the only oratorio Mozart ever wrote.

Performers: Roberta Invernizzi, soprano, Silvia Frigato, soprano, Loriana Castellano, mezzo-soprano, Sonia Prina, contralto, Anicio Zorzi Giustiniani, tenor, Gianluca Buratto, bass.

Wroclaw Philharmonic Choir. B`Rock. Conductor: Corrado Rovaris.

Mandatory field
Mandatory field
Mandatory field
Dwjka Dwjka

St. Mary Magdalene Cathedral, Wroclaw