20th October

Concert will begin at 19:00 hours GMT

Mortelmans' 'De kinderen der zee' with Van Ingelgem, Stotijn, Saelens, Delaere et al from Brussels

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Lodewijk Mortelmans' 'De kinderen der zee' is an opera to a libretto by Rafaël Verhulst. This story is set in the seventeenth century. In the Mariën fishing family, every father-to-be perishes at sea before the birth of his first child.

Performers: Tineke Van Ingelgem, voice. Christianne Stotijn, alto, Yves Saelens, tenor,
Denzil Delaere, tenor, Werner Van Mechelen, bass, Kurt Gysen, bass.

Octopus Kamerkoor. Monnaie Children and Youth Chorus of la Monnaie, Orchestra and Choir. Conductor: Alan Altinoglu.


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