26th October

Concert will begin at 23:30 hours GMT

Met's encore stream: Verdi's 'Don Carlo' with Moldoveanu, Scotto, Troyanos and Milnes from New York

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Verdi's 'Don Carlo' is a five-act grand opera composed to a French-language libretto by Joseph Méry and Camille du Locle, based on the dramatic play Don Carlos, Infante of Spain by Friedrich Schiller. The opera's story is based on conflicts in the life of Carlos, Prince of Asturias (1545–1568). Though he was betrothed to Elisabeth of Valois, part of the peace treaty ending the Italian War of 1551–1559 between the Houses of Habsburg and Valois demanded that she be married instead to his father Philip II of Spain.

Performers: Renata Scotto, Tatiana Troyanos, Vasile Moldoveanu, Sherrill Milnes, Paul Plishka.

Metropolitan Opera Choir and Orchestra. Conductor: James Levine.

Recorded 21 February 1980.

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