15th January

Concert will begin at 00:30 hours GMT

Met's encore stream: Rossini's 'Armida' with Fleming, Brownlee, Banks and Osborn from New York

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Rossini's 'Armida' is an opera in three acts Rossini to an Italian libretto by Giovanni Schmidt, based on scenes from Gerusalemme liberata by Torquato Tasso. Goffredo, commander of the Christian forces, comforts and rallies the Frankish soldiers, who are mourning the recent death of their leader. A noblewoman appears and introduces herself as the rightful ruler of Damascus. She claims that her throne has been usurped by her evil uncle Idraote and asks for help and protection. In fact she is the sorceress Armida and in league with Idraote, who has entered with her in disguise. Their plan is to weaken the Crusaders by enslaving some of their best soldiers.

Performers: Renée Fleming, Lawrence Brownlee, Barry Banks, John Osborn, and Kobie van Rensburg.

Metropolitan Opera Choir and Orchestra. Conductor: Riccardo Frizza.

Recorded 1 May 2010.

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