30th October

Concert will begin at 23:30 hours GMT

Met's encore stream: Mussorgsky's 'Boris Godunov' with Antonenko, Semenchuk and Balashov from New York

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Mussorgsky's 'Boris Godunov' is an opera to a libretto by the composer based on the 'dramatic chronicle' 'Boris Godunov' by Aleksandr Pushkin, and, in the Revised Version of 1872, on Nikolay Karamzin's 'History of the Russian State'. Its subjects are the Russian ruler Boris Godunov, who reigned as Tsar (1598 to 1605) during the Time of Troubles, and his nemesis, the False Dmitriy (reigned 1605 to 1606).

Performers: Ekaterina Semenchuk, Aleksandrs Antonenko, Oleg Balashov, Evgeny Nikitin, René Pape, Mikhail Petrenko, Vladimir Ognovenko.

Metropolitan Opera Choir and Orchestra. Conductor: Valery Gergiev.

Recorded 23 October 2010.

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